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Yep, it lives up to the hype. Cheap, friendly, great comfortable place to get your hair taken care of. Yeah, that much I expected from the reviews. But more so, these guys really know what they are doing. I was in Charlotte for a friend's wedding and came in to get my hair taken care of before the big event.

Basically, no one ever says anything about my hair because its not exactly the most original style. But all night, people kept commenting. I don't think they even did anything crazy unique during the cut, it was just a high quality job with a lot of attention to detail that paid off. So, basically, you should stop by even if you don't really need a haircut but find yourself in town.

  • Paul B.
  • Yelp review

After taking a ride on the trolley from CPCC, I realized my hair resembled the singing homeless man's. Trusting my fellow Yelpers, I set out toward City Barbers with my girlfriend in tow. We had a bit of a snag when searching around the BOA building for the shop, but a quick call informed us that it was down the hall next to Caribou Coffee.

Four barbers were on duty when we walked in, and Heather Johnson was ready to take care of me immediately. Even though I set her up for failure with vague, wishy-washy instructions, Heather was up to the task. Not only was I happy with my haircut, but my girlfriend was too (And really, it's February 13th, what else really matters?)!

P.S. Student price is $15. Woot!

  • Andrew M.
  • Yelp review

Great place for a guy to get a good hair cut if you work uptown. Some of the barbers here are actually sorcerers. I kid you not! They cut your hair with lightning speed and do a good job. This one tall guy is like Edward Scissorhands. I was in and out in 10 minutes. And I dig the neck shave at the end. There's nothing worse than getting a hair cut and then realizing after you shower that the neck hair is still out of control.

You should probably know a thing or two about hair cuts before you go. For example, if they ask you if you want a #2 cut, don't try to be cool and say "uh, yeah" without knowing what that means. Because then you end up walking out with a buzz cut, like I did once. My boss asked if I had enlisted in the military over my lunch break (so go with a #3 if you still want some hair afterwards).

  • Thomas P.
  • Yelp review

I am new to town and looking for a new place for a cut. I found my regular spot at city Barber! The place is clean and set up like an old school barber shop. Everyone in there was nice and I was in a chair within 10 mins of getting there on a Friday at 4. Dustin cut my hair and was quick and detail oriented. Ill be back every month and recommend it to any guy.

  • Jacob O.
  • Yelp review

I work for Bank of America, and having this in Founders Hall is an absolute WIN!

My first haircut in Charlotte was expensive and just OK. My second and third were at City Barbers.

They're 2/2 on my hair. They pay really close attention to detail, which is a real surprise for a $20 haircut

  • Salman C.
  • Yelp review

Great location. Really good attention to detail. In and out quickly. $20 for a haircut.

Why not?

  • Sree N.
  • Yelp review

I was in downtown Charlotte and was walking around in search of a place to get a haircut and I ended up finding this City Barbers location on my phone and decided to go there.I was very impressed with the service,I felt I got an excellent haircut with great attention to detail and felt good coming out of there.The cost of a haircut for a male was 21 dollars which is the most expensive haircut I have ever received but I was more than happy to pay it as the service was excellent.I will return here next time my hair needs a cut for sure.Highly recommend!

  • Anthony C.
  • Yelp review

The shop is located in one of the hallways off of Founders Hall. When I came through it was an extremely busy time period but they were able to fit me in. You can call ahead to setup an appointment but I wasn't able to do that.

This is the place you need to go to if you want a professional looking hair cut. This is a high profile area. Some of the clients are well healed and expect to look great every single time.

I highly recommend it.

  • David S.
  • Yelp review

I always go and see Russ or one of their barbers. They have never messed up a cut, always professional.

  • A Google User
  • Google review

Great place. Very good attention to detail, comfortable atmosphere.

  • A Google User
  • Google review

I've been going there for 4 months and have had nothing but the best service and haircuts. Jason probably pays the most attention to detail IMO, but they are all terrific.

  • James Leo
  • Google review

City Barbers is absolutely fantastic. The staff does really great job and are extremely professional, prompt, and social. I'd highly recommend City Barbers to anyone looking for a haircut above the rest. Lastly, even though I don't work in Uptown or live near the shop - I'll make my way over to see them every time I need a haircut.

  • Kevin Jones
  • Google review